Treatments & Procedures

The moment you walk through the doors of Headache & Pain Center, amc, you will experience our caring staff. They understand your pain and will make every effort to make you comfortable and minimize your wait time.

On your initial visit, the physicians and staff will review your medical history and evaluate the causes of your pain. Your diagnostic evaluation may include neurological, laboratory and radiological testing.

Once your pain is diagnosed, your care will be individualized. Treatment may include one of many different types of procedures, bracing/splinting, exercise, or electrical stimulation. New advances in anesthesiology and intravenous sedation enable all of these minimally invasive, outpatient procedures to be performed without additional pain.

At Headache & Pain Center, amc, we are able to diagnose and relieve your pain under one roof. Headache & Pain Center, amc is a full-service clinic with diagnostic imaging (Open MRI, Bone Density, and X-Ray), and associated with Day Surgery, Inc. (Gray) and One Day Surgery, LLC (New Iberia), both fully licensed ambulatory surgery centers.

Rest assured, our experienced staff will be available to answer all of your questions and assist you throughout your treatment. Your family doctor or referring physician will be informed of the nature of your condition, if you desire.

Types of Services and Procedures

The types of services and procedures performed include:

Botox (for pain only)
Bracing / Splinting
Carpal Tunnel Injections
Celiac Plexus Block
Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Sacral Selective Epidural (Transforaminal) Injection
Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Sacral Medial Branch (Facet Nerve) Block
Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar Interlaminar and Caudal Epidural Injection
Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar Radiofrequency Denervation/Ablation
Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbosacral Facet Joint Injection
Corticosteroid Injections
Dietary Modifications
Intercostal Nerve Block
Intrathecal Pumps
Joint Injections
Lumbar Discography
Lumbar Sympathetic Nerve Block
Lysis of Epidural Adhesions
Occipital Nerve Block
Plantar Fascia Injections
Procedures Under X-Ray (Fluoroscopy)
Referral for PT - Decompression
Sacroiliac Joint Injection
Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block
Spinal Cord Stimulation
Stellate Ganglion Block
Synvisc Injections
Tendon/Bursa Injection
Topical Analgesics
Trigeminal Nerve Block
Trigger Point Injections

Headache & Pain Center, amc Disclaimer
The Headache & Pain Center, amc has provided this online information for educational purposes only and it is in no way intended to replace a visit with your physician or other health care providers. We do not attempt to make a diagnosis or suggest treatments on this website and all questions regarding treatments, medications, surgery, and risks of procedures should be thoroughly discussed during a visit with a physician. Additional information can be found at

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